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Getting stuck while 4WDing can be all part of the adventure, however if you aren’t well prepared the fun could quickly turn into a nightmare. Having your vehicle fitted with a high performance winch and stocked with a recovery kit, your not just keeping yourself out of sticky situation, you’re also able to assist others while on the tracks. Opposite Lock Rockhampton  has everything you will need to get out of even the deepest mud hole.



Opposite Lock Rockhampton - Kingone winch



The most popular selling model is the rope friendly TDS 9.5, built to the highest specifications and manufactured specifically for off-road use, the TDS 9.5 is made to work through the toughest conditions. Additional waterproofing features include specially manufactured sealed motor drum supports and V-ring seals inside the drum flanges. The TDS line of winches are ready to run in the hardest conditions straight from the box. The TDS 9.5 offers a 5.0hp motor and only draws 338 Amps at a full pull of 9500lb

Using a rotating ring gear, means the gears are ALWAYS set ready to run which eliminates any final drive gear meshing that may occur as per a sliding cluch type winch. The easy turn freespool lever drops and retracts a huge 18mm pin into one of the eight provisins around the ring gear, a ring gear also makes freespooling an absolute breeze.

All Kingone winches use machined gears (not punched) and are made from alloy steel for greater hardness, wear capabilities and its high corrosion resistance, they are also pressed together in the housing for much greater strength.

The external brake is a postive double tapered cone brake so the more pressure that is applied to the cable the tighter the brake is applied, this is very reassuring when you are on a steep incline. This is what makes our winch rope friendly as there is no heat build up in the drum like in-the-drum brake type winches. All the features you have ever wanted in a winch are now in 1 box.



Opposite Lock Rockhampton - Warn winch



WARN winches are known for their reliability and unbeatable quality. The WARN selection of winches ranges from electric winches to hydraulic and utility winches, so you are guaranteed to find a winch that suits your needs. WARN produces its popular Value Series, plus the Premium, Heavyweight, and Ultimate Series. These latter winch lines are for those who place higher demands on their winches. Regardless of the winch you choose, you can count on WARN to deliver quality winches at competitive prices. When it comes to reliability, affordability, and pure heavy-duty performance, WARN winches are the way to go.



Opposite Lock Rockhampton - VRS winch



In a tight spot the VRS winch can be relied upon to deliver fast line speed and powerful pulling power. In the most extreme conditions this high speed, powerful winch has the muscle to haul your vehicle back on track – FAST. The VRS winch was designed in Australia for the world. This winch will suite the novice four wheel driver right through to the extreme off-roader.

All VRS 4X4 winches are IP68 rated and have double lip seals. Providing you with ultimate water and dust proofing for your winch.





Opposite Lock Rockhampton super snatch kitThe Super Snatch Recovery Kit is a great addition to someone who already has a basic recovery kit.

10m Snatch Strap (10t)

2 x 4.5t Bow Shackles

3m Tree Trunk Protector

5m Drag Chain

Recovery Bag

Rigging Gloves & Load Bridle



Opposite Lock Rockhampton sand tracks

Usually used in sets of four (and sometimes pairs), all you have to do is wedge a track firmly against each tyre tread, hop in your vehicle and gently accelerate. Once your tyre tread grips mounts and grips the track, your vehicle will then gain traction from the ribbing on the track and you’re on your way!

The common misconception with Recovery Tracks is that they look like thin plastic, so they’ll probably crack or snap under the load of heavy 4×4, right? Well, no. They’re made from a premium grade polymer, which is then injected into a mould. The result is a rigid construct that bends with the direction of the applied force, and after the external pressure is released (when you drive off) the plastic relaxes back into it original shape.


Opposite Lock Rockhampton high lift jack

Though the widespread availability of winches have made the Hi-Lift Jack a lesser used item these days, it’s still a piece of equipment that should be tucked away in any serious offroaders cab somewhere. Sometimes a winch out isn’t possible, or as winches are a contain mechanical and electrical components, failures and breakdowns are always a possibility.

Enter the Hi-Lift Jack! A simple action tool designed to lift trapped wheels out of a bog and let you fill in the trap area with something solid to get out. All good bullbars and rear bars have Hi-Lift Jack mounts for front and rear lifts, or you can use the Lift Mate accessory and raise from one of your wheels.

Another must have accessory for the Hi-Lift Jack, is a solid base plate for dispersion of pressure in loose terrain like wet dirt or sand. Base plates also keep the Jack upright and stop it sinking in soft or wet terrain.

Please Note: This is only a small selection of our available product range

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