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Outback 4WD

Opposite Lock Rockhampton Outback4wd

The Outback Roller Drawer system provides an extremely versatile selection of products to suit a wide variety of vehicles.

A growing range of accessories allow the system to be tailored to specific needs.






Opposite Lock Rockhampton msaMSA pride themselves on our innovative products which include the world first, revolutionary Fridge DropSlide, the new patent pending Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System which delivers a whole new level of access to the drawer contents, the original Water Bra, fully adjustable air lumbar support systems, and an extensive range of 4×4 accessories that have stood the test of time.




Black Duck

Opposite Lock Rockhampton Black Duck

Black Duck Canvas products are Australia’s largest supplier of canvas seat covers. All covers are made of high quality 12oz canvas and tailored specifically to each seat in each type of vehicle.

The quality of Black Duck covers has been well proven over the 15+ years they have been manufactured, and this can be attested to by their many satisfied clients in the rural, construction, mining & exploration industries.




Opposite Lock Rockhampton supafitWhether it’s for mining, commercial vehicles or your own 4WD, SupaFit Seat Covers are your industry leaders in super quality and super comfortable car seat covers.

With over 20 years experience manufacturing seat covers to suit the harsh Australian environment, SupaFit Seat Covers, along with one of Australia’s premium canvas providers, have produced their own Australian made canvas and fabrics. This enables them to guarantee only the highest quality and comfortable seat covers to protect your vehicles original upholstery




Opposite Lock Rockhampton sandgrabbaThe SANDGRABBA trap mat system is moulded in a quality Poly/Rubber compound precisely to the shape of the vehicle’s floor. The unique ridge design catches sand, mud and liquid spillages to protect the car carpet.

Please Note: This is only a small selection of our available product range

Oppsite Lock Rockhampton