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Bullbars can greatly enhance the safety profile of your vehicle, particularly if you’ll be traveling on remote, regional roads or spend time on busy work-sites that might not always have the best visibility. Opposite Lock Rockhampton offers an extensive range of bullbars to suit any vehicle in any environment.


Opposite Lock Rockhampton OL Bullbar





Opposite Lock believe that protecting your vehicle and its passengers should be the first thing you look at when fitting out your 4×4 and have gone to a great deal of effort to ensure that their large range of bullbars and built to withstand the harshest of environments. The Opposite Lock bullbar is available in Fleet, Post, Single and Triple Loop configurations to suit your 4WD.



Opposite Lock Rockhampton XROX Bullbar





Born from the demands of serious off-road competition, Outback’s Xrox range delivers the results you want- serious good looks, extreme off-roading capabilities, and all the reliability and durability that real steel and Australian design delivers.

Xrox gives you the protection you need with the clearance you crave-greatly improved approach angles and real defence for your bodywork.

Lighter than ‘traditional’ bullbars, Outback Accessories’ smart ‘winged’ design allows for fast, easy replacement and delivers maximum versatility with two jack points, four tow hook positions and two recovery eye locations, nine mounting points for lights, aerials and sand flags, plus provision for a low mount winch


Opposite Lock Rockhampton TUFF Bullbar





TUFF offers a number of Bullbars ranging from 2 post to 5 post configurations. The most popular of the range is the 5 Post . It is a heavy duty product offering the ultimate protection for you, your passengers and vehicle. The 5 Post is the product of choice for people driving predominantly in the country. Where there are high numbers of Kangaroos and other fauna this is essential equipment. The 5 Poster is made of steel or alloy for popular makes and models. The 5 Post bullbar has been designed to withstand the most extreme operating conditions on earth with regard to animal collisions.






Rydweld is one of the few companies that custom builds steel bullbars and side rails to ensure you and your vehicle can withstand high impact accidents should they occur. Our bullbars also provide a mounting point for your vehicles accessories such as spotlights, winches and radio antennae.



Opposite Lock Rockhampton ECB Bullbar





ECB has been manufacturing for the past 40 years and specialise in manufacturing alloy bullbars in varying sizes ranging from nudge bars to big tube bullbars.  Whilst ECB are bold enough to say that they manufacture the “World’s Best Alloy Bullbars” they also offer steel bullbar options.

Please Note: This is only a small selection of our available product range

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