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Top of the cape

A huge congratulations to Casey Booth for winning our amazing adventure to Cape York competition worth $6,000

Casey Booth

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  • They get busy and might forget to return a call or two but the personal service when you're there more than makes up for it. Dave went above and beyond to give us a deal on our rhino platform and stayed after hours to help us install it ourselves, definitely recommended.

    Dec 2, 10:54

  • Great responsive service and good prices. Door-to-door lift to work while my car was in. Significantly dropped price off tagged price. The final touch was my car came out washed 🙂 Thanks Troy.

    Dec 1, 10:55

  • I am still blown away by how amazing everyone was, haven’t had better customer service anywhere yet - thanks guys for everyone’s help and especially Dave. Will be shopping with you guys from now on...!!

    Dec 23, 10:14

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